PitcheroGPS Team Bundle For Teams Of All Levels

GPS Team Bundle

For teams at every level

GPS Team Bundle

For teams at every level

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Designed for coaches and teams at all levels, the Team Bundle includes everything a team needs to maximise performance in one innovative, easy-to-use, market-leading solution.

Every order placed is specific to the needs of the team.

All orders include:

  • GPS Trackers
  • Player Vests
  • Charging Case
  • Team Analysis Software

GPS Trackers are approved by FIFA & World Rugby.

Trusted at Every Level

Performance Technology for Every Team

The PitcheroGPS Team Bundle is for every team and every coach across all levels of sport, from grassroots to professional, academy to elite performance. Our market-leading GPS technology is highly accurate, easy to use, and avoids complex jargon.

Market Leading GPS Tracker

Built using the latest ublox SAM10 GPS chip, the PitcheroGPS tracker is the most up-to-date player tracker on the market.

The crystal clear 1.14' LCD screen, loved by players and coaches, displays tracker status, shirt number and player name.

Rapid Data Transfer

Transfer match data from 20 trackers in less than 5 minutes using the transfer dock.

All data is processed in the cloud and available to view online in minutes via the PitcheroGPS Web App.

The charging case stores up to 32 GPS trackers and provides lightning-fast charging.

Share trackers with multiple teams.

PitcheroGPS trackers are engineered for football, rugby and field hockey. Trackers can be quickly assigned to different sports, teams or player making PitcheroGPS ideal for multi-team clubs, schools or colleges.

Metrics That Matter

The PitcheroGPS Team Bundle includes unlimited access to the PitcheroGPS Team Analysis software. The software is easy to use and is provided via a dedicated website, which coaches can access 24/7 via laptops or tablets.


Distance charts provide a breakdown of the distance players cover during a session, illustrating peak periods of activity.

When were they covering the most distance (high levels of effort, intense, hard work) versus when were they covering less distance (low effort).


Game-changing moments tend to be performed at high speed, this needs to be factored into training sessions to create a game-realistic environment.

Record how often players reach maximum speed in both training and matches to ensure performances are optimised. 

Track the distances players have covered in certain speed zones and customise each speed zone to suit your team.


View every metric in units of time. Understand when and how your players perform during different periods of the session. Crop sessions and create multiple splits of time for deeper player analysis.


Accels and decels charts show high-intensity explosive movements requiring significant energy to perform. Coaches can set custom thresholds that are suitable for their sport and playing level.  

Multiple events within a single session can suggest high levels of effort from the player, but also an increased physical strain on the body - more rest and recovery are needed. 

If players are not hitting these thresholds, they may need to work on specific exercises to improve their explosive power and change of pace.

Data Analysis Made Easy

PitcheroGPS is designed for coaches with zero performance or sports science experience. The Player Analysis is easy to use, with all player data displayed in clear graphs and charts.

Session Overview

Every data transfer creates a new session. The session overview summarises all player activity and illustrates the total team workload. Summary metrics provide a benchmark for identifying players above or below the team average.

Coaches can navigate between multiple sessions on the same day or merge sessions.

Create custom speed zones and create data exports with a detailed breakdown of each player.

Player Splits

Every session includes a player split table detailing core metrics: top speed, total distance, speed zone distances, accels/decels and impacts.

Selecting a specific player opens the splits dashboard - providing a deeper dive into the individual player's performance.

Create splits to highlight specific periods of play or exclude periods the coach does not want to include in the session.

Session Heatmaps

Available in graphic or satellite view, heatmaps display a player's entire session or specific team split. 

Additional data, including Activity Path, High-Speed-Running Events, Impacts and Accels and Decels can be overlaid.

Heatmaps are a great way to analyse a player's positional awareness during a game, whether they were in the correct areas, tracking back enough to defend, or pushing forward to support an attack.

Impact Timeline

Graphs show the number of impacts above a defined G-force threshold. The threshold can be adjusted to consider factors such as sport, age and session type.

Useful for monitoring athletes' well-being - large volumes of high G-force impacts within a single session may suggest the player needs more rest.

Player Comparisons

Coaches can compare players within a session using player split. This function displays all metric charts with values for each selected player in the comparison.

Historical Charts

Create metrics for multiple sessions over the season. Coaches can view data for the team or individual players to review their performance.

Charts include; Total distance, HSR distance, HSR count, Accels, Decels, and Impacts. 

Charts can be customised to show all sessions or just training or matches. Units of measurement are also editable. Summary data is provided to show the Total, Average, and Best values within the chosen time period.

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PitcheroGPS Player Tracker PitcheroGPS Player Tracker



FIFA and World Rugby approve the PitcheroGPS Player Tracker for use at all levels of competition. From grassroots all the way up to the Premier League and Premiership Rugby.

This global certification means FIFA and World Rugby rigorously tested the PitcheroGPS Player Tracker for safety and approved its use in all levels of sport.

About the PitcheroGPS Team Bundle


The PitcheroGPS Team Bundle is a GPS player analysis tracking system designed for grassroots, semi-pro, academies, schools, colleges and University teams. The platform is designed for coaches with no previous knowledge of sports science. PitcheroGPS wants to bring the benefits of GPS player data to every team, enabling every player to play at their full potential.

PitcheroGPS is based in Leeds, England and is part of the Pitchero Group.

What does it include?

The Team Bundle includes GPS Player Trackers approved by FIFA and World Rugby, GPS Player Vests, a carry case, a charging dock, and unlimited access to PitcheroGPS Team Analysis software. The minimum team bundle order is 10 GPS Player Trackers and Player Vests. The average order size is between 16 and 20 GPS trackers per team.

How much does it cost?

Pricing depends on the number of trackers purchased and the team's requirements. To receive your bespoke quote, please contact a sales team member.

When will my order arrive?

We ship all team bundles within two days of receiving payment.

Are the trackers approved?

Yes, the PitcheroGPS Player Trackers are approved by FIFA and World Rugby for use at all levels of sport.

Who is it for?

The PitcheroGPS Team Bundle has been created for every team across all levels of sport. GPS Player Trackers are very easy to use, with large screens showing the tracker's status and the player's name and number. The charging dock can charge 20 trackers in less than one hour and transfer data from all trackers in less than 10 minutes. The player analysis software has been designed for coaches with no previous sports science knowledge.  PitcheroGPS ignores the jargon and focuses on the metrics that matter. Every coach can benefit from accurate GPS data without spending hours analysing hundreds of complex metrics.

Do you ship globally?

Yes, the PitcheroGPS Team Bundle ships globally. Contact a member of the sales team for more information.

Which sports can I use it for?

The PitcheroGPS Team Bundle is designed for football (soccer), rugby, field hockey, lacrosse, and any other team sport played primarily outdoors. The trackers and software can be reassigned to different teams and sports in seconds, meaning a football team can use the PitcheroGPS Player Trackers in the morning and a rugby team in the afternoon.

There are no complex licenses or restricted access. Once purchased,  access to the PitcheroGPS software is unlimited.

What makes PitcheroGPS Team Bundle different to its rivals?

PitcheroGPS has been built from the ground up. Our primary customers are amateur and professional teams, professional academies, schools, colleges, and universities.

Easy to use. Designed for everyone, the tracker and app avoid complexity and do not require knowledge of sports science or GPS technology. Unlike rivals who dumb down a product intended for professional players, PitcheroGPS is designed from the grassroots up.

Multi-User. We do not tie the customer to strict user licenses. Multiple players across multiple teams and sports can use the tracker. This is a massive advantage for school teams and players who play multiple sports across multiple teams.

One Tracker. The same tracker is sold to players and teams, allowing the hardware to be interchanged. Rivals sell different hardware to different teams, subject to price and complexity. PitcheroGPS sells one best-in-class solution to all.

Low cost. We aim to be the best value product on the market, the lowest priced and the best service.

Do you provide training and support?

Yes, every team will enjoy the Pitchero onboarding process, during which coaches will fully demonstrate all the features of the PitcheroGPS Player Tracker and analysis software. Ongoing training and support is provided online via email, phone and video.

How do I order a PitcheroGPS Team Bundle?

To order the PitcheroGPS Team Bundle, please get in touch with sales. Pricing is bespoke and based on the team's total tracker requirements.