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Launch Price: £49 + Membership

Launch Price: £49 + Membership

GPS Player Bundle

Be the best player you can be with the brand NEW PitcheroGPS Player Bundle.

Bring a new level of fun and enjoyment to your game whilst maximising your match-day performance.

  • Track top speed and distance
  • Monitor match-day performance
  • Compare stats with teammates

PitcheroGPS is approved by FIFA and World Rugby.

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PitcheroGPS Mobile App

The PitcheroGPS Player vest records your activity during a training session or game. When the activity ends, the recorded data is transferred in seconds to the PitcheroGPS App on your mobile phone via Bluetooth. Made for Apple and Android phones, the App displays your performance using intuitive, easy-to-read charts and tables.

Compare your latest performance to your Personal Best and create a journal tracking your progress and achievements over time. Enjoy a little competition? Submit your metrics to the #HEROSPEED Challenge and compare your Top Speed with team mates and rivals, week to week, game to game.

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Player Metrics

The PitcheroGPS Player Vest records all activity during a training session or match. For ease of use and quick comparisons, the activity is processed and separated into 3 categories; SPEED, DISTANCE and INTENSITY providing a detailed overview of performance, player health and fatigue.



Record your Top Speed, Average Speed and Custom Speed Zones.

Track your speed game to game, session to session and monitor your progress as you become a fitter, faster player.



Record how far you walk, run and sprint every time you play. A pro player runs 10 km per game - how far do you run?

Improve your fitness and watch your total distance increase week to week.



Record your accelerations and decelerations, tracking all high-velocity, explosive movements.

Monitor your player metrics for fatigue and strain caused by impacts on the body and adapt your intensity levels to avoid injury.



Compete with teammates and rivals for Top Speed, Distance covered and Intensity level. Set personal goals and begin your journey to the fittest, faster player in your squad.

Approved by FIFA & World Rugby


Designed to meet FIFA and World Rugby requirements 76mm x 45mm x 20mm.


Lightweight and compact weighing only 51 grams.


5 hours of battery life captures every minute played.


3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope track your every twist and turn.


Crystal clear 1.14" LCD screen.


Full battery charge in 30 minutes.



The search for the fastest player in grassroots sport. ALL players. ALL ages. ALL competitions.