About PitcheroGPS


PitcheroGPS is a world-class technology company designing and manufacturing GPS Player Vests approved by FIFA and World Rugby.

The World's First

PitcheroGPS is the World's first GPS Player Vest built from the grassroots up. Our innovative technology serves everyone from grassroots to academy players, college and university players, to semi-professionals and professional players.

Our innovative, proprietary technology provides laser-sharp accuracy with easy-to-understand performance data at a price all players can afford.

Our Mission

To empower all players, regardless of age, gender or competition, to improve their performance and reach their true potential.

How It Started

Millions of athletes use GPS tracking devices every day whilst cycling or running. These are often small computers fixed to the bike's frame or a smartwatch worn on the runner's wrist. In most cases, they record four key statistics:

  • Speed - how fast you travel
  • Distance - how far you travel
  • Intensity - how hard you work
  • Position - your location whilst travelling

If you can do this whilst cycling or running, why not when playing team contact sports like football, rugby or hockey? If players can measure their performance, they can track their progress, set targets and reach goals. Improving performance every game, week in and week out.

GPS Tracker & Player Vest

The PitcheroGPS Player Tracker is no different to a Smartwatch or bike computer - except the tracker is worn in a padded Player Vest, and the data is displayed on a mobile device post-game.

The Player Vest is worn under a playing shirt, is lightweight and breathable and holds the tracker safely between the shoulder blades.

The Same Data As The Pros

Until now, GPS Player Trackers were expensive and required a maths degree to understand the complex data. Not anymore!

Pitchero engineers have created a GPS Player Tracker, which any player or coach can use within seconds of activating the device. PitcheroGPS is a fraction of the price of our rivals and provides all the essential data used by professional players in an easy-to-use mobile app and desktop platform.

Made in Britain

Pitchero GPS is designed and manufactured in Britain. A team of specialist engineers use the latest components and BlueTooth technology to create a best-in-class solution at an exceptional price.