Improve your performance using a GPS Player Vest

Game Day Performance

PitcheroGPS provides detailed data on movements, allowing players and coaches to tailor training programs and make data-driven decisions for optimizing individual and team performance.

Reach Your Potential

PitcheroGPS is built for performance and engineered for greatness, designed to give every player the same tools as the pros to improve and reach your true potential. We do the hard work for you by focusing on the performance metrics that matter; tracking your Speed, Distance and Intensity during every session and delivering world class analytics instantly to your smartphone so you can measure progress, adapt your training and push yourself to the limit every time you compete.


Our mission is to change the game by providing the ultimate speed training tool which gives you everything you need to become a faster athlete and perform when it matters the most. With PitcheroGPS you can track your top speed, how often you hit it during a game or session and view continual changes in your speed in real time.

Check out when and where sprints occurred on the pitch with heatmaps and time spent in different speed zones, to optimise your speed and match day performance.


A PitcheroGPS Player Vest measures your distance metrics in multiple ways so you can see exactly how hard you’re working for the team and track your movement in every phase of the game.

Check out your total distance covered to see how it measures up with the professionals and break down your performances in detail by analysing metres covered during every minute of play or at high speed.


PitcheroGPS helps you get fitter and stronger so you can find your edge when the going gets tough, a vital attribute at any level of sport.

Track your accelerations, decelerations and explosive movements in metres per second with precision accuracy to increase your intensity and build yourself up to become the hardest working player around.


We use interactive heatmapping technology to track your precise movements in every session, helping you level up your work rate and positional play. In the PitcheroGPS app you can see exactly where you were at every moment of the action and over the duration of a game, making it easier to assess your performance against tactics and patterns of play, as well as during game defining moments like goals or tries.

With our unique ‘intensity events’ metric you can also view heatmaps with your accelerations, decelerations and impacts to see how and where your hard work paid off on the pitch.



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