Why use a GPS Vest? - Enjoyment

Why use a GPS Player Vest?

GPS Player Vests are used by amateur and professional athletes to improve performance, track their activity and protect their health and wellbeing.

More Fun, With Every Game

Tracking your progress and understanding your performances will bring a new level of enjoyment to your game.

Don’t just play the game. Use a GPS Player Vest to learn, adapt and improve. Reach your best, support your teammates and get the most from every game.

Track Your Progress

Running watches and bike computers are used by athletes to track their progress every time they go out.

With a GPS Player Vest, you can now do the same in contact-sports like football, rugby and hockey. Review your performance session by session, match by match. See your top speed and total distance improve as you get fitter and faster.

Reach Your Goals

How fast can you run? How much ground do you cover in a game? Track this and much more with a GPS Player Vest.

Set a Top Speed goal and follow your progress throughout the season! Achieving your goals and reaching your targets will help you and your team’s fitness, stamina and tactical awareness.

Compete With Teammates

Bring more fun to the locker room. Compete over speed, distance and time with teammates.

Compare stats within seconds of matches finishing and aim to be the fastest, fittest or most improved player in your team.

Compete With The World

Teammates not enough? Thanks to Pitchero’s unique global network, you can compare your stats with players worldwide through the #HERO Speed Challenge.

Compete across your sport, position and age group or all sports, ages and positions to see how you compare to a global field of grassroots and semi-pro players.







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