At Timperley Hockey Club, a prominent fixture in the England Hockey League Conference North, the introduction of the PitcheroGPS Team Bundle marked a significant step forward in training and performance.



PitcheroGPS, chosen for its affordability and user-friendly design, seamlessly integrated into the club's daily routines.

Rob Turner, the head coach and goalkeeper for the Timperley Hockey First team, quickly noted the system's practicality. "The first thing is affordability. As a grassroots non-professional hockey team, The PitcheroGPS Team Bundle ticked all the right boxes. Secondly, it has been really easy to use on the pitch. After a training session or match, you can quickly and easily transfer all the player's data from their trackers to the team management system."

The PitcheroGPS Team Bundle is a straightforward product with a long battery life and fast data upload speed, which makes it ideal for the rigorous demands of hockey training. 

Rob went on to say that "the battery life on the trackers only goes down around 10% after a training session. As the carry case charges the trackers when we upload the data, we never worry about starting a training session or match with trackers that are out of battery."

At Timperley Hockey Club the GPS technology became a catalyst for enhanced player effort. Players were now able to quantify their improvements in speed and endurance, translating into noticeable gains on the field.

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