Mansfield Town Football Club are the latest football club to begin using the FIFA-approved PitcheroGPS football trackers for their Academy players.



The Club’s Academy is the heartbeat of the club's long-term success. It is here that future stars are nurtured and honed, and the decision to integrate PitcheroGPS trackers is a game-changer.

Before purchasing PitcheroGPS, the Academy had three essential requirements on its wish list;

  1. A FIFA-approved system
  2. Easy-to-use team analysis software
  3. Affordable price 

PitcheroGPS could provide all three and more.

The adoption of PitcheroGPS by Mansfield Town's Academy brings a multitude of benefits:

  • Enhanced Performance Monitoring: Coaches can track players' movements, distances covered, and sprinting metrics. This data allows for personalised training programs and helps identify areas where players can improve.
  • Injury Prevention: The trackers can help detect early signs of fatigue and overuse, reducing the risk of injuries. The academy's players can maintain peak physical condition and avoid setbacks that could hinder their progress.
  • Data-Driven Decision Making: Coaches can make informed decisions during matches and training sessions by accessing live data. This includes tactical adjustments based on player positioning and performance metrics.
  • Scouting and Talent Identification: The detailed performance data collected can also be invaluable for scouting and identifying young talent within the academy. This can help the club identify prospects who have the potential to make it to the senior team.

The Academy's partnership with PitcheroGPS marks a significant step forward in the club's commitment to player development and performance analysis.

As the club continues its journey in the English Football League Two, integrating PitcheroGPS trackers promises to provide the academy with the tools it needs to nurture the next generation of footballing talent.

Tom Chapman, Head of Education, commented:

“We picked PitcheroGPS because we wanted a GPS tracker that was accurate, easy to use and at an affordable price.

Other providers are often complex systems that require a high level of sports science knowledge, plus they charge expensive license fees for features we don’t use. 

PitcheroGPS is great because it focuses on the core metrics we monitor week in and week out.

The hardware is excellent. The trackers have large screens, which make them very easy to use, and the data can be uploaded from the docking station in just a few minutes.

We can upload data using any laptop or Mac. There are no expensive software licenses; it's all one price, which means any coach can access the data.

The team analysis software is straightforward to use. I can quickly access data for every player, create player splits, view heatmaps and monitor each player's performance over time.

I can compare players or groups of players against each other and compare data from different time periods, all via a very easy-to-use control panel.

Plus, I can export everything to PDF downloads or Excel.

PitcheroGPS has made complex performance data very simple.

PitcheroGPS is perfect for clubs who want a FIFA or World Rugby-approved system with easy-to-use software at an affordable price.

I recommend Pitchero to all clubs. The products and services are first class.”

Mark Fletcher, CEO of PitcheroGPS commented;

“We are thrilled to have Mansfield Football Club Academy on board. The academy facilities are excellent, and they now have a best-in-class GPS package to ensure players reach their full potential.”

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