At Gordon's School, a new era of sports training and performance analysis has dawned, thanks to the innovative use of GPS technology. Ian Jones, the Assistant Director of Sport at the school, recently shared insights into how this technology has changed their approach to managing and improving player performance in sports like football, hockey, and rugby. “The decision to invest in GPS technology stemmed from a desire to optimise player workloads. The school noticed that some students were either overtraining or not training enough. The goal was to find a balance that would enhance their performance without risking injury or burnout.”



Choosing the Right System: PitcheroGPS

The school's preferred GPS team solution is the PitcheroGPS team bundle, chosen for its ease of use and affordability. PitcheroGPS has enabled the school to quickly and effectively analyse data, which has been crucial in managing player performance both on an individual and a team level.

The Impact on Students

The primary users of this system are sixth-form students, aged between 16 and 18. These young athletes have embraced GPS technology wholeheartedly, finding motivation in the competitive data about who ran the most or worked the hardest. This healthy competition has led to an increase in overall team performance and individual development.

Role of Coaches and Support Staff

Gordon's School's athlete development coaches, some of whom had prior experience with similar systems, found the GPS technology incredibly beneficial. The school's physiotherapists also use the system to manage rehabilitation programs for injured students, particularly those recovering from serious injuries like ACL tears. This precise tracking allows for tailored rehabilitation programs, ensuring that athletes can return to play safely and effectively.

Data Analysis and Application

One of the key advantages of using GPS technology is the ability to analyse and compare data with actual game footage. This comparison often reveals a direct correlation between the metrics and the athletes' performances on the field. This insight allows coaches to make informed decisions about training and game strategies.

Physiotherapy and Analysis

The use of GPS technology isn't limited to performance enhancement; it's also a valuable tool in physiotherapy. The detailed data helps physiotherapists create highly specific rehabilitation plans, tracking every minute of an athlete's training to ensure optimal recovery.

User-Friendly and Supportive System

The user-friendly nature of the PitcheroGPS system, with its step-by-step guides, has been a significant factor in its successful implementation at Gordon's School. The school has also benefited from excellent customer support, with queries being addressed promptly, often within 24 hours.

The Verdict on GPS Technology in Sports at Gordon's School

Ian Jones highly recommends PitcheroGPS for any sports program looking to enhance performance through data analysis. The ease of use, effective data management, and supportive customer service make it an invaluable tool in the modern sports training environment. 


The integration of GPS technology at Gordon's School is a prime example of how data-driven approaches can significantly improve sports training and performance. By embracing this technology, the school has set a new standard in athletic training, providing their student-athletes with the best tools to succeed on and off the field.

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