Samuel Ryder Academy

Standing as a beacon of educational and sporting excellence in St Albans. Established to honour the legacy of Samuel Ryder, a prominent figure in golf and the founder of the Ryder Cup, the academy embodies his spirit of sportsmanship and dedication. 

The Samuel Ryder Academy is taking its sports program to the next level by adopting the PitcheroGPS Team Bundle, a cutting-edge player tracking system approved by FIFA and World Rugby for use in their football, rugby and netball programmes.



Sports at Samuel Ryder Academy

The sports program at Samuel Ryder Academy is as diverse as it is inclusive, offering a wide range of sporting disciplines that cater to students of all interests and abilities. 

The academy strongly emphasises the development of character, teamwork, and physical fitness through sports. Whether it's football, rugby, athletics, or any other sport, students can access state-of-the-art facilities and passionate coaches dedicated to helping them reach their full potential.



PitcheroGPS Team Bundle: A Game-Changer

The recent adoption of the PitcheroGPS Team Bundle is a significant step forward for the sports program at Samuel Ryder Academy. Approved by FIFA and World Rugby, these cutting-edge player trackers are set to revolutionise the way players train and compete.

Matthew Pope, Director of Elite Sport, commented, "As a new academy on the scene, we wanted to provide our students with the best possible feedback. The GPS trackers are part of that package." 

"The players are really excited... In last week's match analysis, we played the video back and looked at the data alongside. From my point of view, the system is very instinctive… I've had a very positive experience so far.

A key element of PitcheroGPS is providing excellent value for money. The Team Bundle system offers market-leading trackers and easy-to-use sports analysis software in one annual subscription: no complex jargon or expensive licenses. 

Matthew Pope, commented, "Primarily, as a state school, it's about value for money; we felt the number of trackers we could secure at the price we paid demonstrated good value for money. I'm seeing the success already…"

Matthew Watt, Academy Football Manager, commented, The feedback has been really good so far. Lots of exciting stats to have a look at. Lots of players are talking about top speeds… I would definitely recommend it to other schools."

Joseph Murphy, Director of Rugby, commented, “The parents and players have been dead enthusiastic about it; we have some of the players having a competition to see who is running the fastest and furthest, and contrasting, we've seen players who are at the bottom end of the scale and maybe dont want to be there, so it's pushing those players to get off the bottom and have accountability on their performances.”

“I feel the information and data points are really accessible and straightforward to use.

I'd recommend this absolutely: anywhere between recreational rugby and high-performing schools, they will see the benefits very quickly.”

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