Farnham RUFC faced the dual challenges of monitoring player performance effectively and ensuring a rapid rehabilitation process. They needed a solution that could provide detailed analytics on player movement and load across various positions, both during games and training sessions.



The Solution

The club chose PitcheroGPS as their technology partner to leverage GPS sports tracking for enhancing player performance and health management.

Mark Jones, Senior Coach at Farnham RUFC commented on how PitcheroGPS has transformed how they approach training and game analysis; "The ability to monitor detailed metrics for each player has not only increased our competitive edge but also aided significantly in our rehabilitation efforts. The players are highly motivated by the weekly performance reports, which visually display their achievements and areas for improvement. PitcheroGPS's support has been top-notch, making this technology an integral part of our club's success. I'd recommend PitcheroGPS to any club looking to elevate their game through advanced technology."


All the players are fitted with a Player Vest which has a secure pocket to house their PitcheroGPS Player Tracker, ensuring comfort and no disruption during play. The devices began collecting data immediately, capturing every sprint, tackle, and movement on the field. This data was then automatically compiled into comprehensive reports, which were designed with clarity and ease of use in mind. These reports featured visual graphs and charts that clearly displayed performance metrics, making it easy for coaches and players to understand and analyse the data quickly.

Furthermore, the technology enabled the sports therapy team to monitor the physical load and exertion of players in real time. This capability was crucial in customising rehabilitation programs and managing return-to-play timelines more effectively, thereby reducing the risk of re-injuries. The GPS data not only highlighted the physical outputs during matches but also provided insights during training sessions, allowing coaches to adjust workouts dynamically based on individual player data.

The Result

PitcheroGPS has proven to be a game-changer for Farnham RUFC, providing them with the tools to enhance player performance, manage injuries more effectively, and utilise data-driven insights to gain a competitive advantage.