Epsom College has chosen FIFA-approved PitcheroGPS Player Trackers for their Sixth Form football programme.

Led by the Director of Football Andy Parkinson, players will use the new PitcheroGPS Team Bundle during all training sessions and matches, providing coaches comprehensive insight into each player's performance.



Andy commented;

"We are trying to make the set-up as professional as possible for the boys. We are excited to see how far they are running, how many sprints they are doing, and comparisons with the professional athletes so the boys can gauge where they are around that elite level of football."


PitcheroGPS trackers are used by football, rugby union, rugby league and hockey teams. Trackers can be shared across multiple groups within the same school. Epsom College plans to use the same Team Bundle with 1XV Rugby and Hockey.

PitcheroGPS does not require a sports scientist. Metrics and graphs are easily understood and can be shared with players online.

Andy added;

“It's all well and good for me to tell them they need to work harder; with the stats from the GPS trackers, they can see it clearly, and with the data, the player can take ownership.”

Mark Fletcher, CEO of PitcheroGPS commented;

“With its rich history and commitment to sporting excellence, Epsom College continues to invest in developing its football program. The integration of PitcheroGPS Player Trackers is a testament to the school's dedication to providing its students with the best tools and resources for success. 

With our cutting-edge trackers, Epsom College's football players can take their game to new heights, analyse their performance in-depth, and work towards becoming top-tier players.“

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