Why use a GPS Vest? - Speed

Why use a GPS Player Vest?

Set goals, compete with friends and compare your results against players from all over the world.

More Fun, With Every Game

Tracking your progress and understanding your performances will bring a new level of enjoyment to your game.

Don’t just play the game. Use a GPS Player Vest to learn, adapt and improve. Reach your best, support your teammates and get the most from every game.

Next Level Speed

In sport, speed is undefeated. It’s a gamechanger for every player on the pitch and so often the difference between winning and losing.

The PitcheroGPS Player Vest is built to help you take your speed training to the next level, so you can feel the difference in every sprint, every training session and every game.

Measure Your Top Speed

Whatever sport you play, the first step to unlocking your true speed potential is to measure your top speed so you can see where you’re starting from.

A PitcheroGPS Player Vest tracks your speed metrics with pinpoint accuracy using FIFA and World Rugby-approved technology, providing you with all the data you need to take the first step to becoming the fastest player on the pitch.

Go Faster Every Game

The PitcheroGPS Player Vest is designed to train you to go faster, so you can improve week in, week out and deliver in the game defining moments that matter.

No matter which sport you play, you can train smarter and leave the competition behind with PitcheroGPS. Set speed targets every session or compare your stats with teammates to push yourself to the limit.

Compete Against The Best

There’s never been a more exciting time for connected fitness and performance training. With a PitcheroGPS Player Vest you can share your speed and performance stats with the world, competing with other players by sport, position and profile. See your name and top speed ranking up on our global leaderboard and be part of our search for the fastest player in sport.





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