PitcheroGPS Player Vest - Get the same data as professional teams

World Class Digital Innovtaion

PitcheroGPS uses satellite technology to accurately track and record a user's movements, providing valuable data for every player.

World Class Innovation

Sport and technology go hand in hand. The PitcheroGPS Player Vest is built using identical technology to the Vests worn by professional and international teams.

PitcheroGPS is the only GPS Player Vest built from the grassroots up. Our innovative technology serves everyone from grassroots to academy players, college and university players, to semi-professionals and professional players.

GPS Tracker

The PitcheroGPS tracker is a highly innovative GPS tracker that records 10 data points per second times and can store up to 6 hours of daily activity.

The tracker weighs less than 45 grams and sits in a padded pocket within the Player Vest under the playing shirt.

GPS Player Vest

Created using elite, anti-sweat sport fabric, the PitcheroGPS Player Vest is durable and comfortable to wear while easy to clean.

The Player Vest holds the tracker close to the player’s body, ensuring the player and teammates are always safe.

GPS Mobile & Web App

The Mobile App is for individual players and syncs with your GPS tracker using Bluetooth, allowing data to be transferred and viewed on your mobile device in seconds.

The Web App is for teams and syncs with the Team Bundle Charging Case. The Web App can transfer data from 20 GPS Trackers within 5 minutes.





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