PitcheroGPS Player Vest - Get the same data as professional teams

World Class Innovation

PitcheroGPS uses satellite technology to accurately track and record a user's movements, providing valuable data for every player.

World Class Innovation

Technology plays a vital role in driving innovation and elevating performance levels in sport – providing tools, data and insights which help players take the next step in their development and deliver on the pitch where the margins between winning and losing can be so fine.

PitcheroGPS uses the same FIFA and World Rugby approved technology as the GPS Player Vests worn by professional and international teams.

GPS Tracker

Our ultra-lightweight PitcheroGPS tracker unit records all of your data in every session and match, tracking your speed and movements with pinpoint accuracy. This innovative GPS tracker device captures new information every second and across 10 different data points, with storage for up to 6 hours of daily activity so you’re always ready to go.

Each tracker has a built-in screen, so you can personalise with your initials and playing number and at less than 45 grams sits comfortably in the padded pocket on the back of the Player Vest.

GPS Player Vest

Created using elite, lightweight and sweat wicking fabric, our Player Vest is built for comfort and performance, so you can always be at your best on the pitch.

Both durable and practical, the Vest is designed to ensure the tracker stays close to your body, keeping all players and teammates safe during the action, whilst sitting comfortably under or over your other kit so you can simply get on with the training session or match.

GPS Mobile & Web App

Powered by world class technology, delivered with speed and efficiency – in the PitcheroGPS mobile app players can see performance data and analytics instantly on their smartphone after every training session and every match.

PitcheroGPS technology does the hard work for you, by focusing on the metrics that matter and delivering data in a simple, fun and streamlined format so you can focus on getting faster, working harder and training smarter.



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