Use a GPS Player Vest to prevent concussions and protect player health

Track Health with GPS

Protect player health by monitoring and optimising physical activity, leading to improved fitness levels, reduced risk of injury, and better overall health.

Health and Wellbeing

Protecting player health is as important as performance. Monitoring data from the GPS Player Vest will give insight into fatigue and impacts to the body.


From big tackles to unintentional collisions, impacts to the body are a reality in all contact and non-contact sports. 

By tracking the impact felt by the body, you can more accurately review the severity of a collision, make more informed decisions and rest and recover. 

Appropriate rest and recovery will keep a player healthier and injury-free, ensuring they get the most from every game.


Tracking your performance over time will highlight if your body is suffering from fatigue.

Below average distances or speeds, slower acceleration and more time in lower speed zones could all suggest your body is suffering from fatigue.

A week off may be just what you need to recharge the batteries and finish the season with your best performances.


If your body is tired, it is more likely to suffer injuries that could result in time away from training or missing matches. No player wants to miss a game or spend weeks on the bench.

Players maximise performance when their bodies are healthy and rested. By monitoring your performances over time, a coach can identify fatigue and rotate the squad before an injury occurs, avoiding long spells away from the game.







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