Use a GPS Player Vest to prevent concussions and protect player health

Fitter. Faster.

Protect player health by monitoring and optimising physical activity, leading to improved fitness levels, reduced risk of injury, and better overall health.

Get Fitter, Faster with PitcheroGPS

Adding a PitcheroGPS Player Vest to your training and using it to track in-game performances will help you get fitter, faster – so you can feel the difference every single time you play.

Measure your speed, distance and intensity for an accurate picture of your existing athletic capabilities, then supercharge your motivation and improve week in, week out by setting targets and seeing the results as you take your fitness to the next level.

Optimised For Team Sport

PitcheroGPS is designed specifically for team sports and players, providing performance data shaped around the metrics that matter and guiding your personal fitness journey so you can build and strengthen around the key attributes which deliver results on the pitch.

By focusing your efforts in training and during games to work smarter, you will become fully optimised to deliver elevated performance levels in your sport.

Boost Your Health & Wellbeing

Improving fitness has numerous benefits for your overall health and wellbeing, so you can feel at your best in the moment and in the future. PitcheroGPS not only helps you stay extra motivated to reach and maintain high fitness levels, but also provides the data which protects long-term player health by measuring impacts and delivering insights to ensure you manage workload and fatigue.

Adjust training schedules in real time, rest and recover correctly and monitor collisions to prevent injuries, ensuring your body is always in peak condition and consistent performance levels are maintained.

Make Training & Playing More Fun

Tracking your progress, analysing performances and seeing improvements makes every training session and game more enjoyable, so you can look forward to pushing yourself to the limit on the pitch and then seeing your stats in the PitcheroGPS mobile app once you’re done.

Unlock your true potential and see instant results, compete with teammates or with the rest of the PitcheroGPS community on our global speed leaderboard. Relish every challenge, win more games and keep your mind as healthy as your body by enjoying sport as it should be.



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