Why use a GPS Player Tracker?

GPS player trackers are used by amateur and professional athletes to improve performance, track their activity and protect their health and wellbeing. From football to rugby, grassroots to Premier League, GPS player trackers are becoming an essential tool for players and coaches.

Improve Performance

Record your activity

The PitcheroGPS tracker records over 50 measurements every second, recording your movement across the field in millimetre precision. 

Following a session or game, upload your recorded data to our mobile app in seconds to see the results.

Track your season

Track your performance session by session, match by match. See how your performances improve over time. Set goals and targets to reach.

Improve your performance

Improve by tailoring your training to maximise your match day performance. Too slow off the mark? Low top speed or poor acceleration?

Easily analyse your performances and see how your game can be improved.

Protect your health

Protect your long term health and wellbeing. Accurately assess the impact your body absorbs and be alerted to potential fatigue which can lead to injuries and missed games.

Player Data


Record how far you travel and how long your activity lasts. Compare data week to week or game to game.


Track your top speed, break records and set new personal bests. See how long you spend in each speed zoon - walking, jogging and sprinting.


Measure the impacts on your board aboard during play. How big was that hit? Measure impacts up to 20G and take time to rest your body and recover before returning to the game.


Track your movement across the pitch, creating unique heat maps. Crop the time down to specific events and see your movement in the lead up to goals or tries.


Data Showcase - Cambridge RUFC

PitcheroGPS is the preferred choice of Cambridge RUFC as they seek to elevate performance levels, drive competition and help players understand their potential.

For Richie Williams, Director of Rugby, the power of data made a difference straight away: ‘We immediately saw the benefits, not only in terms of injury prevention but being able to manage the training loads of the players.’

Once the rugby club understood the science behind what individuals were capable of, it allowed coaches and players to aim higher:

‘We found a direct correlation with performance levels the players were hitting in terms of high speed distances they were covering. They were then able to benchmark against players in similar positions.’

A benefit of PitcheroGPS is how fast everyone can see their stats: ‘We can get them (the players) the data immediately after the session. They can access it on their smartphones. It gives them a guide on how hard they’ve been working.’

But does the investment pay off? For Cambridge RUFC, it’s added a new dimension and raised their game:

‘We’ve found using the PitcheroGPS has been massively beneficial for us as a club. It’s cost effective compared to other brands that are currently available. It’s something I would recommend to any clubs at our level, the National Leagues below and community clubs to purchase.’

Carrick Blake, Head Analyst at Cambridge RUFC, added: ‘The PitcheroGPS app and all the processes that are built in already are fantastic. It encourages competition and we’re a competitive bunch as a high-flying team. If they’re competing over high speeds then we’re doing our job right.’



The PitcheroGPS tracker is a highly innovative GPS tracker which can record 50 metrics per second and store up to 4 hours of activity.

The tracker ways less the 40grams and sits in a snug vest under your playing shirt.


Creating using elite, anti-sweat sports fabric the PitcheroGPS player vest is comfortable to wear whilst being strong and robust. 

The vest can be washed in a washing machine with your sports kit.


The Pitchero app syncs with your Pitchero tracker using Bluetooth, allowing data to be transferred and published online in seconds.

Health & Wellbeing


Concussion is a reality in all contact and non-contact sports. By tracking the impact felt by the body you can make a more accurate review as to the severity of the impact.


Tracking your performance over time will highlight if your body is suffering from fatigue. Lower distances or speeds, few accelerations and more time in lower speed zones could all suggest your body is suffering from fatigue and needs to be rested.


If a body is fatigue sit is more likely to suffer from injuries which mean time away from training and playing. Players maximise performance when their bodies are healthy and rested.