Why PitcheroGPS?

GPS performance trackers are used by thousands of teams to improve performance and reduce injuries. Here we look at teams using PitcheroGPS in a variety of ways to achieve success on the pitch.

Cambridge RUFC

PitcheroGPS is the preferred choice of Cambridge RUFC as they seek to elevate performance levels, drive competition and help players understand their potential.

For Richie Williams, Director of Rugby, the power of data made a difference straight away: ‘We immediately saw the benefits, not only in terms of injury prevention but being able to manage the training loads of the players.’

Once the rugby club understood the science behind what individuals were capable of, it allowed coaches and players to aim higher:

‘We found a direct correlation with performance levels the players were hitting in terms of high speed distances they were covering. They were then able to benchmark against players in similar positions.’

A benefit of PitcheroGPS is how fast everyone can see their stats: ‘We can get them (the players) the data immediately after the session. They can access it on their smartphones. It gives them a guide on how hard they’ve been working.’

But does the investment pay off? For Cambridge RUFC, it’s added a new dimension and raised their game:

‘We’ve found using the PitcheroGPS has been massively beneficial for us as a club. It’s cost effective compared to other brands that are currently available. It’s something I would recommend to any clubs at our level, the National Leagues below and community clubs to purchase.’

Carrick Blake, Head Analyst at Cambridge RUFC, added: ‘The PitcheroGPS app and all the processes that are built in already are fantastic. It encourages competition and we’re a competitive bunch as a high-flying team. If they’re competing over high speeds then we’re doing our job right.’

West Bromwich Albion Women

PitcheroGPS has been chosen by the coaches of West Bromwich Albion Women’s squad to assist with training and match preparation.

Gathering intel on how each player accelerates, their top running speed, sudden changes in direction and how long they take to slow down all builds up a clear picture.

This GPS data gives coaches and players the pieces of the puzzle on how to get fitter and faster, while maintaining performance.



James Tromans, West Bromwich Albion Women’s FC said: ‘The main metrics we look for are: distance, metres per minute depending on the game, event or training and maximum speed. So, are we hitting maximum speed at certain times throughout our training?’

‘Plus, accelerations and decelerations for the number we’re hitting and high-speed running. For us, that will help us measure workload, reduce injuries and educate our coaches on what we’re getting physically from our coaching sessions.’

Cameron Wilson, Strength and Conditioning Coach said: ‘The PitcheroGPS system is brilliant. It’s one that us, as coaches, understand really well. The players understand it well too. It uploads really quickly, it’s easy, it’s a really good system to use.’

Mansfield Town FC Academy

Mansfield Town Football Club's Academy use PitcheroGPS to understand their players better and get the best performances possible.

The coaching staff check the analytics each week to continually assess every player. Knowing who’s done too much or too little allows the coaches to modify the training schedule.

Each footballer can get fitter with the scientific data from PitcheroGPS of what’s a baseline and what’s possible in future. As well as encouraging a fitness boost, the technology can prevent the likelihood of injuries by tracking workload. 

Thomas Chapman is Mansfield Town FC’s Academy Sports Therapist: ‘The coaches have really bought into it. We’ll use it to evaluate a session...have we got what we need from that session? Were there players who needed a little bit more or less?’

‘We’ve worked with different GPS systems and for me, it’s the best in terms of the metrics we get out. You can look at thousands and thousands of pounds on the more expensive systems but we get the same data for a very much reduced cost!’

Thomas has seen how the Academy footballers have responded too: ‘The players love it, knowing what they’re doing on a game-day. Who’s come out on top? Who’s got the most high-speed running? Who’s quickest? Players love wearing it day-to-day. It’s a little competition for them, as much as what we use it for.'