Scientific Review

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Global Positioning System (GPS) technology has been increasingly used for a number of years to monitor player performance during training and match-play. 

This technology has been made more widely available through PitcheroGPS. Designed developed, manufactured and tested in the UK. The system is specifically designed for Academies, Semi-Professional, Grassroots, School, College and University players. 

PitcheroGPS uses only the best components and has undergone rigorous testing including in-house and independently validated tests including peer reviewed scientific articles.

Comparison to existing brand employed in the elite arena displayed that Pitchero GPS is accurate and reliable for use.

The key selling point of the new PitcheroGPS system is that it has simplified the complex scientific data and translated into easy-to-understand insights that relate to all levels of performer from amateur grassroots to elite professional academies.

Image: PitcheroGPS Vest and Tracker Device


Comparing PitcheroGPS with other suppliers

Graph: Comparison of two GPS player tracking systems over a measured distance and speeds 5 x 20 meter Shuttles total distance 100 meters.


During a specified distance (100 meters shuttle 10X10 meter 5 x20 meter) simulating speeds at walking (<6 km⋅hr-1), jogging (6.1-12 km⋅hr-1  ) and running (>12.1 km⋅hr-1 )  test the mean distance measured was similar for both products (10 m: Playertek: 97.8±3.3 m; Pitchero: 98.7±2.1 m; t(10)=0.345, P=0.737; 20 m: Playertek: 98.2±1.8 m; Pitchero: 102.0±5.7 m; t(10)=-1.561, P=0.149). Similar results were observed for jogging (10m: Playertek: 97.1± 2.1 m; Pitchero 101.5±1.05 m; t(10)=-0.083, P=0.934; m: 20 m: Playertek: 96.2±0.4 m; Pitchero: 98.7±4.2 m; t(10)=-1.442, P=0.180) and running (Playertek: 99.7±2 m, Pitchero: 97.8±5.2 m; t(10)=1.677, P=0.0.124; 20 m: m: Playertek: 97.3±2.8 m; Pitchero: 99.0±4.8 m; t(10)=-0.732, P=0.481).

In on-field match type performance we compared StatSports Viper GPS with PitcheroGPS in a simulated rugby match where player doubled up on units wearing a StatSports Viper tracker and PitcheroGPS tracker.

During the 1 hour of match play mean total distance, max speed and meters per minute was measured and were found to be similar for both products 

  • Total distance: PitcheroGPS 3,529 m v Statsports Viper 3,693 m
  • Max speed was identical for both at 27.36 kmhr-1  
  • Meters per minute covered: PitcheroGPS 59m/m v StatSports viper 61m/m.

In addition to these tests. PitcheroGPS along with the other systems were evaluated for usability. Observation and feedback from users (these being sport science operators accustomed to working with these types of systems) were that all systems were easy to use, fit and feel both were reported as being similar.   

When it came to gathering data from devices, the Pitchero system was reported to be far easier as all the devices only needed to sync with a tablet via wireless connection. 

Both operators reported that PitcheroGPS download to upload to viewing data was far quicker than Playertek and StatSports, commenting:

“The Pitchero system allows for data to be accessed within a much shorter time period than the Playertek system due to being completely wireless, therefore allowing data to be uploaded instantly after a session.”

“The Playertek system is wired, and also requires an active internet connection for the data to sync successfully via usb leads, docking port and laptop, the Pitchero system I just need a tablet as its all wireless."

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