About PitcheroGPS

The World's First

PitcheroGPS is the world's first GPS player performance system designed exclusively for Academies, Semi-Professional and Grassroots Sports Teams. 

Our innovative proprietary technology provides laser-sharp accuracy with easy-to-understand performance data at a price all teams can afford. 

How It Started

Millions of athletes use tracking devices whilst cycling or running. These are often small computers fixed to the frame of the bike or a watch worn on the runners wrist.

In most cases, they record three types of data;

  • Volume - how far you ran/cycled and for how long
  • Intensity - how fast you ran/cycled 
  • Position - your location/route map

A GPS player tracker is no different - except you can’t wear a watch or carry a computer whilst playing team sports like football, rugby or hockey.

Instead, to meet safety regulations, a GPS tracker must be carried in a small padded vest, and the data passed to a tablet post-game.

Tracking your run or cycle is essential - and so is your performance during a match. That’s why you see professional players training and playing matches with a GPS tracker vest!

Until now, GPS player trackers have been expensive and required a maths degree to understand the results.

Not any more.

Thanks to Pitchero and our network of 70,000 teams, we have been able to scale the technology creating a business model which lowers the costs for every team. 

PitcheroGPS is a fraction of the price of our rivals and provides all the essential data that Academies, Semi-Professional and Grassroots Sports Teams need.


Pitchero GPS is designed and manufactured in the UK. 

A team of specialist sports scientists, electronic engineers and plastic experts use the latest components and wifi technology to create a best in class solution at an exceptional price.

Our Mission

Our mission is to make the PitcheroGPS tracker available to all players, regardless of standard or age, so everyone can improve their performance.

A PitcheroGPS tracker will be as essential as a pair of boots or a playing shirt.  

PitcheroGPS will be the global GPS player performance solution for Academies, Semi-Professional and Grassroots Sport.